Evaluation: Evaluation of existing Emergency Medicine Healthcare Systems

  • Consultations for identification of performance gaps in relation to a predefined standard following the PDCA circle (plan-do-check-act (advice))
  • Advice for incremental adjustments of the processes within the Healthcare System, concerning Healthcare procedures like triage, consultations, ward rounds, admission, referral etc.
  • Suggestions for investments in essential structural components (eg. hand sanitiser, security guards, ultrasound machines etc.) depending on the findings

Meducation: Meducation is an acronym, which significates Medical Education

  • Training for leadership to improve communication within different healthcare occupation groups (currently in cooperation with In-Pro-Sim, Berlin, Germany)
  • Simulation training of medical procedures for all healthcare workers  with mannequins (resuscitation, trauma care etc.)
  • Training and education in Emergency Medicine for medical professionals (currently for migrating physicians at Charité International Academy, Berlin, Germany)

Solidarity and empathy

  • Advocacy for Emergency Medicine and disaster-management as globally neglected components of the Healthcare Systems in LMIC (low and middle income countries).
  • Networking to get global Emergency Medicine on the top agenda of WHO and to fund a solidary international Caribbean Disaster Response Unit with common values, training and equipment.
  • Medical activity during missions as anesthesist in hospitals in neglected regions



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