The third week of the Train-the-Trainer Workshop was shaped by the implementation of the two-day training module. The aim was to put SLFS instructors in the roles as presenters of the protocols and facilitators of the simulated cases, while Global EMS instructors supervised and supported the implementation. The SLFS instructors rotated according to a self-determined plan in the different roles as participants and instructors of the module. Everyone had the chance to train their abilities and improve their presentation skills while getting feedback with supportive judgement.

Rapid Exam (RE) of a trauma patient according to the new Treatment Protocol TRA

Day one of the training module began with the introduction to High Performance CPR. This started with training of segments of resuscitation and a case presentation by the instructors. The day was also packed with the introduction to the protocols about Chest pain (CP), Loss of Consciousness (LOC) and a normal delivery in the field (Obstetric protocol). We noticed that the timetable was very ambitious, and we ended the day with the question, if we would be able to train EMTs efficiently with this kind of training, who haven’t had the experience of training on simulated cases with a high- fidelity simulator yet.

Taking notes and running the case scenario is a high performance task for simulation facilitators

The morning of day two was filled by the training of the treatment protocols on Trauma (TRA) and Shortness of Breath (SOB). Our SLFS colleagues always found a suitable solution for optimizing the time schedule and improving in training delivery. We recognized very experiences educators within the group.

The certification of the SLFS instructors as providers and instructors of the EMS improvement program Saint Lucia started after the lunch break with a written assessment followed by application of the treatment protocols on simulated cases. All our SLFS colleagues did very well and approved as instructors and providers of the EMS improvement program Saint Lucia. Congratulations!!!

9 certifed instructors of the EMS improvment program Saint Lucia together with the Fire Chief, the Debuty Fire Chief and Global EMS instructors

Wednesday was a day for preparation and coordination for the first “real-life” delivery of the training course to EMTs of the SLFS. The schedule of the training course remained unchanged.

It was very exciting to observe the SLFS instructors to deliver the training module to their EMT colleagues. On Thursday it started with the first 10 participants.

EMS instructor Mr Henry presenting the assessment of an altered mental state

Mr. Prospere, the assigned EMS course director, lead through the course with opening words, regular update remarks and a strict time-keeping though-out the two days. The training module was very well perceived by the participants. It was challenging to introduce the concept of learning on simulated cases, but the amount of hands-on skill training combined with flash- presentations on the new treatment protocols kept the participants alert. The new protocols provoked a lot of questions and discussions, but everyone supported the idea of a written- down, structured guideline about certain symptoms and therapies.

Hands-on skill station with Tourniquets

On the second day, a short training session on Primary Assessment of the simulation mannequin for every participant was spontaneously delivered by Craig Joseph when we noticed, that the participants had still their struggle to approach an avital avatar of a patient (mannequin). This training improved the learning and interaction of the participants with the mannequin. All participants passed the following assessment while performing on a simulated case scenario and received their certificates as providers out of the hand of the Deputy Fire Chief Mr. Victorin.

HTS Saint Lucia news on the Global Health Partnership of SLFS and Global EMS

During the training sessions, TV broadcast HTS news Saint Lucia took interviews and filmed for the evening news about the new treatment protocols of the Saint Lucia Fire Service and the training module.

At the end of three intense weeks together with SLFS instructors and GEMS instructors we agreed on continuing the collaboration and the next training sessions in January 2022.

Global EMS and the Saint Lucia Fire Service celebrating the first provider EMTs of the EMS improvement program Saint Lucia

We were happy to have had this opportunity to work together with this wonderful and engaged colleagues for our common goal: To improve the prehospital health care for the people of Saint Lucia.

Dr. Unger in the name of his team: „Thank you for your hospitality“, and “See you soon”

…to be continued….

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