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My name is Joachim Unger and I love to travel. I am anesthesiologist with special interest in pediatric anesthesia, emergency medicine and airway- management.

One of the reasons to become a med student was my imagination “As a doctor you can work all over the world”. I was always interested in foreign people, cultures, languages. Choosing a profession, with what I could perform a satisfying occupation in combination with the possibility to learn to know the world apart of the tv- screen was one thing, to come true these dreams was an other. It took me 10 years of university medical education before I was able to let the chains apart and bring the effort to fruition. I went with my wife and two little daughters to Guadeloupe to perform anesthesia at the caribbeans. It was the best experience in my life. Now we returned to Berlin and I am still looking how to still my appetite for more…

During my career as anesthesiologist I worked also in critical care, retieval medicine, medical education with ACLS training and were responsible for difficult airway-management training of junior registrars. After returning from the caribbeans I went into clinical emergency medicine as a physician at an emergency department where I perform prehospital and ED- care.

“Accept no limits” I was taught – I doubt if this is an universal truth. In other words: I take conditions and try my best…

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